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Urban Modern Interior Design

Our Mission:


Help small to medium companies exceed their goals and achieve great success by proving exceptional customer service, operational excellence and innovative technologies.


We are a values and quality driven customer care call center. We forge long term relationships on a foundation of excellent customer experiences and professional service.

Small Business


The essence of our approach is to understand your company, industry and customers. With the right people and aligning technology we can tailor products and services designed for your vision. Premier Outsourcing Solutions is an innovative provider of outsourced contact center services. We specialize in dedicated customer service call centers, inbound and outbound sales, email response, live chat and social media.

Benefits of outsourcing to Colombia

  • Suitable Business Environment

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Similar Time Zones

  • Abundance of Technical Talent

  • Innovation Oriented Approach

  • English and Spanish Proficiency

  • Cultural Similarities

  • Free Trade is Encouraged

  • Neutral Spanish Accent


We have the tools, the expertise and systems in place to allow any company the potential for growth that they need to go to the next level. We are here to provide businesses access to resources, office space and personnel that  may be more difficult to execute in house all while receiving exceptional quality and service.


We have an all bilingual management and staff which are available to assist your customers in both English and Spanish to maximize your client base and your company growth.

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