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Broker / Carrier Services

We use the latest systems and technology to track and maintain all documentation and information for FMCSA and State DOT requirements.

Prosource Solutions provides outstanding services in the trucking & logistics industry. Our vast knowledge and experience on both the carrier services and broker services allows us to provide exceptional service with a superior understanding of what is needed for great relationships between carriers and brokers. We understand industry needs and stay up to date on regulation changes that can affect both our carriers and brokers.


Carrier Services


  • Filling out claim packets

  • Signing and filing rate confirmations

  • Processing detention requests

  • Dispatching drivers with load information

  • Storing load information for DOT audits.

  • Submit documentation for factoring.


Broker Services

  • Provide load information to potential carriers

  • Prepare, send and process carrier packets

  • Resolve carrier issues with onboarding and load

  • Tender pending broker loads to carriers

  • Check calls and delivery notification to shipper

  • Make and receive calls relating to tendered  loads.

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