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BPO / Back Office Support


Outsourcing non essential business processes to Prosource Solutions gives you more flexibility to manage core business functions like finalizing sales, expanding you client base and growing the business.

Prosource Solutions provides services that are hardly talked about, but are integral to the operation of a business. Efficient and effective data and document processing makes certain that all of your data is entered accurately and that the resulting information is routed promptly and stored securely. 

Prosource Solutions has all the solutions for your business processing needs. From internal documents and data entry to also processing information from clients over the phone or received electronically and inputting them in a database or document repository. Along with processing the information received we can make the necessary follow up calls to complete the required paperwork and make the process run more efficiently. 


With Prosource managing the Customer Service Department we reduce in-office costs and it allows you to focus on closing sales. We provide peace of mind knowing you have access to a skilled team that will focus on making sure every customer is satisfied.  

Before and after every potential sale there is documentation and information that must be gathered and submitted to complete transactions. Prosource Solutions can provide this service freeing up your time to focus on the business goals.

Handling web services can be very time consuming. Prosource Solutions can manage chat and email for your business and save you the time. We have dedicated representatives that will focus exclusively on your business ensuring fast reply times and excellent service. 

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Updating, processing and modifying new and existing orders make up a large part of a business processes. Prosource Solutions can provide a team trained to your specifications to be an extension of your sales team completing these tasks and more.

order/sales management

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document/data processing

Customer Service

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